Dos and Dont’s for a writer’s Valentine

With the pinnacle of romantic dates upon us officially, it’s time to learn, what you got to do and no to when it comes to spending the valentines with your writer significant half.

  • We are talking about the most mysterious and keen person here. Added to this, they will have a perceptive nature already, and surprising them will take a lot of work. Think of an ideal date, one which you haven’t done before.
  • Some tips for choosing the date location- Avoid and I would like to stress a lot here, AVOID crowded areas. Writers have introvert soul and crowds, they don’t do it.
  • When you choose someplace that holds some memory for your relationship, like the spot you first met, or the spot you first proposed etc, you will definitely get some bonus points.
  • If you are unable to select a perfect spot, you could always go to a spot where there is a lot of greenery available, like a quaint garden, river bridge, a meadow, but make sure its calm, serene and quiet
  • I said quiet spot, not a creepy spot. So please avoid places that could crepe them out.
  • Roses are great and yeah flowers are pleasing too, but for a writer, any gift that has some effort into it will be close to the heart
  • More than the gifts, it’s the lines that accompany them carries the weight of creating an impression, so choose your line carefully. Please avoid cliche like you look like moon etc unless and until it applies to the present situation. A writer can sense a fake compliment just like that.
  • Let’s not be too flashy and select a big cake. For a writer, a small cupcake with a tiny candle on top will be the right one when its given by the right person at the right spot
  • For us writer souls, night walks are like magic. You could take a night stroll and impress your loved one.
  • Make sure whatever surprise you plan, it connects with you both and is something relatable. We writers always crave for that connection and if you can bring that to the table, then the date will be a success

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