The quaint call of a tormented heart

Setting sun, fading echo.
Grasping hands, failing to let go.
Paining heart, parting ways.
Churning Memories eternally stays.
Dimming light, fading hope.
Greying skies, falling slope.
Tearing soul, tethering world.
Screaming silence, barely heard.
Vacant eyes, empty stares.
Void days, filling despair.
Breaking soul, lonely being.
Shattering whole, a soundless keeying.
Passing days, waiting sunbreak.
Healing road, waiting to take.
Souling song, soothing grace.
Friendly hugs, knowing face.
Another flight, a reckless fall.
Seeking hands, an enchanting call.
Healing heart, fading scars.
Soaring love, a shooting star.
Hurting memories, to an easing echo.
Raising sun, a breezy meadow.
Making promises, a shaky step.
Pairing heart, slowly crept.
Healing all, healing whole.
Leaning shoulder, a companion soul.
Finally whole, finally healed.
Through a paired heart, eternally sealed.

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