Across the road long and wide

Across the road, long and wide
I travel with your thoughts, by hillside
shadowed and longed, the memories glide
in our sweet reunion, my heart abides.

Your face, beautiful and bright
blesses a wounded heart, its delight
those small pinky pimples, a lovely sight
under the starry moonless dreamy night.

together we were, till fate came close
to fight a war, against our enemy foes
a soldier in battle is what I chose
but my heart, to you I repose.

on this battlefield, far and wide
I fight by my fellow brother’s side.
Your memories thoughtlessly glide
in the form of tears that I hide.

One wish I have, to dry my tears
the only reprieve, for pain too severe
an endless yearning, that’s so dear
is, to draw you close and near.

with dire wounds that cant be treated
there in the horizon, my end greeted
to take my soul, that remains undefeated
to fulfill its wish he patiently awaited.

your arrival came, sudden then slow
you looked tender, with tears to show
our love enveloped us under a warm glow
over the white and red snow.

on your lap, now I rest
a short life, that’s well blest
the red love flowing from my breast
shall never see another sunset.

Image Courtesy: Danka and Peter, Unsplash

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